Management Committee Members

The Management Committee remains central to OCCA’s performance. It helps to guide OCCA’s activities and support the staff.

  • President – Dave Kent
  • Deputy President – Trevor Armstrong
  • Secretary – Lynn Whitfield
  • Treasurer – Brigid Lever
  • Executive Officers – Dave Kent and Lynn Whitfield
  • Committee Members – Rod Goldsworthy, Mick Richardson, Chris Jensen

As a volunteer organisation, OCCA continues to seek members to be involved in the work of the Association and its various working groups as well as the activities of the Management Committee.


OCCA’s staff (some of which are paid and others provide their services on a volunteer basis) comprise:

  • Catchment Program Manager –Phil Gunasekara
  • Biodiversity Services Operations Manager – Will Charlton
  • Biodiversity Services Planning Manager –  Annika Werny
  • Partnerships and Education Manager – Camilla Duff Burford
  • Partnerships Officer – Tamielle Brunt
  • Volunteer Manager – Charlotte Langhorne
  • Nursery Manager – Anya Swan
  • Business Support Officer – Susan Hodgson

Over time we have had a number of student volunteers with us from Griffith, UQ and QUT, and we wish to thank them for their contributions to OCCA.

Volunteer Coordinators

  • CreekCare Coordinator – Trevor Armstrong
  • Tuesday Common Carers Coordinator – Mary Lou Simpson
  • Nursery Facilitator – Jill Ridgway

Biodiversity Field Staff

  • Anya Swan
  • Lee-Anne Longton
  • Jamie Ovens
  • Jane Clarke
  • Jules Moffatt
  • Capucine Cartillier
  • Rohan Shannon-Dear
  • Francesca Goss