CreekWatch Partnerships


Industry taking the lead to turn the tide on water pollution

CreekWatch is an industry initiative that was launched in June 2007 in response to a series of pollution events in Stable Swamp Creek, Acacia Ridge. It is a collaborative program between industry, community and government with the support of the Oxley Creek Catchment Association that aims to educate business and industry about good practice in relation to catchment care, pollution prevention and the restoration of our local waterways.

CreekWatch Vision

The waterways in industrial areas will be healthy waterways that provide valuable habitat for wildlife and social amenity for our local businesses and residents

Get Involved!

CreekWatch partners have the opportunity to be involved in programs and actions that address workplace contribution to healthy waterways including:

  • Creek Rehabilitation – Financially supporting or actively participating in riparian (creek bank) restoration including planting, weed species and rubbish removal to increase habitat connectivity, improvements in water quality and visual amenity.
  • Reporting and Training – Knowing what to do and who to call in the case of a spill or pollution event, and ensuring that all staff are trained to promote the reporting of pollution and the knowledge that dumping wastes down the stormwater drain is illegal.
  • Education – Understanding why our waterways are worth looking after, who looks after them and what happens when pollution enters our waterways. CreekWatch Partners also gain recognition for environmental and social consciousness, recognition as a leader within their industry sector, promotion through CreekWatch education and marketing materials; and networking & team building through corporate volunteering.

The CreekWatch initiative also sponsors Oxley Creek Catchment Association’s Education program which provides local schools and universities with hands-on learning opportunities. We run outdoor education classes at parks and schools throughout the catchment to teach students about water quality, pollution and freshwater and terrestrial ecology.

Current CreekWatch Industry Partners




BOC (A Member of the Linde Group)





BMI Group



SIMS Metal Management


DULUX Rocklea



CreekWatch Supporters

Brisbane City Council


Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Absorb Environmental Solutions

CTC – The Construction Training Centre