Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) represents an approach to the management of natural resources in Queensland that integrates the management of land, water and related biological processes in order to achieve the sustainable and balanced use of these resources.


As many of the problems affecting our land and water resources are interrelated and cannot be effectiviely addressed independently, a cooperative and coordinated approach is needed to resolve these issues in the Oxley Creek catchment.


The 1999 Oxley Creek Catchment Management Plan provides a broad framework for water resources, land use practices and management decision making objectives. The plan identifies the ecological, cultural, historic, social and economic values within the catchment, whilst encompassing the necessary initiatives for coordinated future management and rehabilitation practices.


1999 Oxley Creek Catchment Management Plan

Section Summary
Executive Summary
Chapters 1-3: Why Manage Catchments? Critical Success Factors for CMP’s. Preparing the Oxley Creek Catchment Management Plan.
Chapters 4-5: Report Card – Environmental. Report Card – Legislation & Planning.
Chapters 6-8: Planning for Creek Sustainability. Implementation Actions. Administrative Arrangements & Community Involvement.
Bibliography & Appendix