The weekend of March 11-12 saw the conclusion to concluding efforts for our Crewes Creek Weed Management Workshops that had occurred over several months. Guests at the workshop saw OCCA superstar Josh Hall give a presentation on the main stage in front of over a hundred locals at Logan City Council’s Conservation Incentives Program Day. These workshops were tailored to help attendees develop skills to identify local weeds on their property and methods for effective removal. Holistic land management with respect to weeds and natural regeneration were the focus of the talk followed up with practical advice with regards to problem weeds

The morning was a success, with Logan City Council finishing up with handing out free plants.

Reflecting on the event, Josh had this to say, “I talked to landholders about regeneration of their properties. Several people approached me after the presentation with interest in our know-how and help. It was a really good day, if a bit nerve-wracking.”

Following on from the workshop program, OCCA has been engaged by Logan City Council to provide 14 Crewes Creek landholders with personal one-on-one dealings to provide maintenance work, expert advice on weed management and resources for a yearlong period. The first phase involving the site visitations and assessment for the properties has been completed and we will now move into one-on-one workshops with landholders. The ultimate goal is to build the capacity of landholders to manage their own land by restoring valuable wildlife habitat and biodiversity.