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Follow-Up to Crewes Creek Weed Management

The weekend of March 11-12 saw the conclusion to concluding efforts for our Crewes Creek Weed Management Workshops that had occurred over several months. Guests at the workshop saw OCCA superstar Josh Hall give a presentation on the main stage in front of over a hundred locals at Logan City Council’s Conservation Incentives Program Day. […]

Peaks to Points Festival 2018

This coming July OCCA will be hosting the biennial Peaks to Points Festival (P2P) thanks to generous funding from Brisbane City Council and Festival sponsors. Peaks to Points is a celebration of community efforts in protecting and caring for the environment in catchments on the south side of the Brisbane River. The Festival features two […]

Crewes Creek Weed Management Plan

Do you have a weed problem on your property?   Are you interested in receiving expert advice and support to help manage them?   Logan City Council is partnering with Oxley Creek Catchment Association to provide the opportunity for free ongoing weed management support for 10 Crewes Creek landholders. Industry experts will work with successful […]

Bird’s-Eye View

For the past few months, members of OCCA have been planning work around contributing to the citizen science Feather Map project. Run through the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), the project involves collecting bird feathers in wetland areas across Australia, which are then mailed away and examined via nuclear techniques. Isotopes in the […]

Sea World Community Marine Debris Grant

This year OCCA participated in the Sea World Research and Rescue Community Marine Debris (CMD) Grant Program.  The CMD Program provides grants for waterway clean-up projects in South East Queensland. Both Sea World and Healthy Land and Waterway sponsor the CMD Program. As part of the projects, data on the litter collected is recorded in […]