Oxley Creek Transformation Pty Ltd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brisbane City Council) has prepared a draft Master Plan for a $100 million Project to ‘revitalise this corridor, transforming it into a world-class green lifestyle and leisure destination’.

Four priority projects proposed for the short to medium-term (0-10 years) are listed below:

  • Multi-use trials along 20 km of Oxley Creek (from Larapinta to Tennyson)
  • Oxley Creek Common Bird Sanctuary
  • Archerfield Wetlands Parkland and Oxley Creek Recreation and Interpretive Centre at Archerfield Wetlands
  • Nature-based Adventure Park at Larapinta

Two strategic plans prioritised for the short-term and on-going:

Strategic Corridor Restoration Plan

  • to direct rehabilitation efforts to ensure environmental benefits across the whole of Oxley Creek corridor.

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

  • environmentally friendly economic hubs within, and along the edge of the Oxley Creek corridor will help fund its ongoing transformation.

OCCA urges you to read and provide public comment on the draft Master Plan:


The OCCA Management Committee will release a statement next month, following a thorough review of the draft Master Plan and committee discussions.

OCCA appreciates all communication on the draft Master Plan to be directed to us via

  1. a) email to info@oxleycreekcatchment.org.au or
  2. b) phone (07) 3345 5541


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