Our Catchment Education Program is supported by CreekWatch 

Experience Oxley Creek catchment, its beauty and the issues it faces. Activities can include:

Touring the catchmentIMG_0359

Beginning in the upper reaches of the catchment explore the creek line of Oxley Creek and its tributaries visiting significant and diverse sites from wetlands to bushland, ex-extractive industry sites, industrial sites and sites of natural regeneration and ecological restoration. The Catchment Tour focuses on land use and catchment management issues for the Oxley Creek Catchment and can include opportunities for water quality testing and dip-netting for macroinvertebrates.

Assessing waterway healthIMG_0195

Visit and assess the health of your local waterway. Carry out simple tests (temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity/conductivity and turbidity) to assess the water quality, observe and record information about the vegetation and land use of the riparian zone to evaluate its health, and enjoy dip-netting for macroinvertebrates to identify wildlife living in the waterway.

Learning about plantsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Choose a natural setting in local bushland, at your nearest waterway or in your school grounds to learn about plants and their structure and function. Learn basic skills in identifying Australian native plants and beginning a plant herbarium. This activity could alternatively focus on environmental weeds, their impact, identification and careful removal.

Restoring bushlandIMG_0644

Learn about and participate in ecological restoration at a site within Oxley Creek Catchment. This experience can include as many steps in the process as you choose from weeding, site preparation, an understanding of how species are chosen for a particular site, digging holes, planting, watering, mulching and caring for new plants. Learn about the importance of creating wildlife corridors and connectivity. Your actions will also be contributing to enhancing the natural resource values of the catchment.

Assisting in the Community NurseryIMG_1092

Come along to OCCA’s Community Nursery and join in the propagation of Australian native plants for the catchment of Oxley Creek. Learn basic nursery skills including the collection and identification of native seed, cleaning and preparing seed, the propagation of plants from seed or cuttings and how to care for young seedlings.

Support for teachers and educators…

OCCA specialises in tailoring the above learning experiences to suit your class’ own particular needs and learning areas.

Alternatively, you may wish to design and run your own catchment care or bushcare activities with the support of OCCA’s Partnerships team.

Education Resources 

Local historian Beryl Roberts has written and illustrated some fun and creative activity ideas that schools could incorporate into their curriculum to help educate young students. They can be viewed here: education resources.

The Brisbane City Council also has some great ideas for both students and teachers that can be accessed here.


$100 – Coordination Fee plus $70/hr per staff member
Note: These rates are excluding GST. Please contact us for a quote.

If you would like more information about our Education program then please contact the Partnerships team at partnerships@oxleycreekcatchment.org.au.

As the Partnerships team manages a number of different programs, please provide as much notice as possible for education requests (minimum 4 weeks).